Measures and recommendations

Stays from September 2021 to May 2022 - COVID 19

Please note that holding a valid European health pass or presenting a valid test throughout your stay may be a condition for travel or stay.

Consequently, all cancellations of stays on the grounds of not holding one of the 2 will not have exceptional treatment, it will be the general cancellation conditions that will apply.

We will respect the administrative rules that will be imposed on us regarding the conditions of stays,

Consequently, we reserve the right to cancel a stay, if a traveler does not comply with the health rules in force, and where applicable, the general cancellation conditions will apply.

Thank you for understanding.

Cancellation conditions in the event of a health crisis.

If no administrative closure is pronounced, the general cancellation conditions apply.

if the resort is open and can offer skiing, if our establishment can accommodate customers, the general cancellation conditions will apply.

We cannot assume the risk of border closures, which is why we invite you to take out personal insurance for your stay. thank you for your understanding.

We recommend that you take out individual travel cancellation insurance from specialized service providers.

Please note that cancellation cover is only valid if it will be taken out at the same time as your stay.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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